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Tasting package "S"

Selection of 9 different PriSeccos


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Available, delivery time: 6-9 days

Available, delivery time: 6-9 days

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The tasting package "S" contains a selection of 9 different, non-alcoholic PriSecco's.
Due to different seasonal availabilities, the contens of the package may differ from the product image.
Currently included are:
Red over Rocks   0,2l
MeadowFruit | Sour Cherry | Blackcurrant
Aroma: Dense fruity of sour cherries, blackcurrant and elderberry paired with the fresh note of lime
Taste: Dark berries following sour cherries, blackcurrants and elderberries, invigorating tartness combined with the slight acerbity of quince and lime, refreshing carbonation
Pairings: as aperitif, on its own, or with red and black berries or fruit, for example red fruit jelly with vanilla ice cream
Ingredients: Apple juice (50%), pear juice, sour cherry juice (8%), blackcurrant juice (8%), elderberry juice, quince juice, lime juice concentrate, spices, carbon dioxide. Beverage based on apple juice with herbs and spices
Lad’s Love on Meadow Fruit   0,2l
MeadowFruit | Elderberry | Herbs
Aroma: Intense nose of ripe apples and elderberry flowers, with a discreet, slightly spicy background note of thyme and other herbs
Taste: The sweetness born by apples, grapes and elderberry flower is connected in a tantalizing arc to the herby spiciness of apples’ acidity, ending in a long elderberry finish
Pairings: strong, fragrant aperitif, often served on ice, desert with elderberry flowers or exotic fruit, goats’ milk cream cheese with rosemary
Ingredients: Apple juice (50%), pear juice, grape juice concentrate, peach juice, lemon juice, herbs (0.2%) carbon dioxide. Beverage based on apple juice with herbs and spices
Apple & Rose on Mint   0,2l
MeadowFruit | Rose | Mint
Aroma: Fresh apple fruit paired with the delicate scent of raspberry and an intense bouquet of rose
Taste: Fruity and light, raspberry and blackberry with a fresh sweet-sour interplay, garden mint and spices grant stability and result in a long fruity, fragrant finish
Pairing: On its own, as a festive aperitif or with fresh berries with sabayon and herb ice cream
Ingredients: Apple juice (90%), raspberry juice, blackberry juice, rose water (0.2% ) and petals, chocolate mint (0,01%) and spices, carbon dioxide. Beverage based on apple juice with herbs and spices
Cuvée no. 8   0,375l
Gooseberry | Unripe Heritage Meadow Fruit Apple
Aroma: fresh apple with intense gooseberry, light vegetal notes from the Douglas fir and a subtle nose of meadow herbs.
Taste: Fresh-fruity through apple and notes of gooseberries. Exciting acidity and pleasant, restrained sweetness in a tart, long finish.
Pairing: Ikarimi salmon with watermelon, prawn and lobster with marinated tomatoes
Ingredients: Gooseberry juice (40%), pear juice, apple juice, spices, carbon dioxide.
Beverage based on gooseberry juice with herbs and spices.
Cuvée no. 10   0,375l
Perry Pears | Wild Elderberry
Aroma: Intensive black elderberry with a fragrance of marzipan, Tonka bean and slightly nutty notes.
Taste: A tinglingly fresh start immediately gives way to the full-bodied notes of elderberries with slight hints of blackberries and blueberries. Mild acidity harmonises with a subtle peppery spiciness, resulting in an exciting middle section of fruit and spice with a little sweetness. Tart, malty notes continue into the medium-long finish.
Pairing: Hearty game dishes, elderberry tart with Tonka bean ice cream
Ingredients: Pear juice (75 %), elderberry juice, herbs, oak leafs, spices, carbon dioxide.
Cuvée no. 15   0,375l
Perry Pear | Apple | Coffee
Aroma: balanced combination of roasted notes from coffee with the fresh-fruity notes of ripe pears and the light freshness of apple.
Taste: lively fruit with balanced acidity, reminiscent of yellow, ripe fruit like Gewürzluiken apples, subtle acerbic roasted notes of coffee and nuts and a hint of caramel. Long coffee finish.
Pairing: all combinations with coffee: from a starter to a coffee-crusted fillet of veal and desserts like Tiramisu, coffee ice cream … Also with dishes made with roasted hazel nuts or other nuts.
Ingredients: Pear juice (65 %), apple juice, coffee and spices (walnut shells), carbon dioxide.

Meadow Apples Symphony   0,75l
Seedling Apple | Rhubarb | Red Mustard
Aroma: Intense, spicy scent of very ripe apples enhanced by the rounded notes of barrique.
Taste: Ripe apple with lively acidity, woody-caramel notes; the spicy aroma of herbs result in a long and delicate ‘hot and spicy’ finish.
Pairing: Asian food with curry spice and fresh coriander, fried, lean, white fish, slightly smoked oily fish
Ingredients: Juice from Bittenfelder Sämling seedling apple (93%), rhubarb juice (6%), herbs, red mustard (0.5%) spices, carbon dioxide. Beverage based on apple juice with herbs and spices.
Organic Red   0,75l
Apple | Aronia | Meadowsweet
Aroma: Red berry freuit, fresh, tart notes with soft echoes of volatility.
Taste: Red fruit with invigorating acidity, aromatic core, tart, dry finish.
Pairing: dishes with dark meat
Ingredients: Apple juice (49%), currant juice red and black (15%), red grape juice, pear juice, aronia juice (5%), extraction from rooibos and Pu'erh tea, meadowsweet (0,1%), herbs and spices, carbon diocide, Beverage based on apple juice with herbs and spices.
Cuvée no. 32   0,75l
Grape | MeadowFruit
Aroma: Captivating with animating citrus notes and freshness. Accompanied by the scent of bright,
ripe grapes and white flowers. The greenish, vegetal note underlines the delicacy of this cuvée.
Taste: The sweet, grapey opening is followed by a fresh acidity. On the palate, the cuvée is reminiscent of a yellow-fruited apple just picked from the tree. The subtle accompanying aromas of
elderflower give this cuvée elegance.
Pairing: As aperitif, also on ice with mint and lime or with fine fish carpaccio with a tart, fresh
vinaigrette, as well as with ravioli in sage butter or with lime tart as a dessert.
Ingredients: De-alcoholised grape wine partially fermented (69%), apple juice (18%), pear juice (6%), peach juice, extract of lemon balm, lemon verbena, elderberry and acacia blossoms, spices. Carbonised.
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Alcohol content: Alcohol-free
Allergens: -
Nutrition Facts per 100ml 
  • Energy  kJ
  • Energy  kcal
  • Total fat <  g
  • Saturates <  g
  • Carbohydrate  g
  • Sugars  g
  • Protein <  g
  • Salt <  g

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